So, what’s the terms of club membership?

Club membership terms

I declare that in consideration of my being admitted to membership, I will at all times abide by the club rules, aerodrome and flying regulations, orders or bye-laws which the committee of management may promulgate from time to time. I am not permitted to fly until my membership fee has been paid and the committee has voted on my admittance to the club.

I also agree that I will only be eligible to be considered for the committee after 5 years of continuous membership to GFC.

I also agree that all sums of money incurred by me will be paid in a prompt and efficient manner.

I agree to abide by all rules and regulations of Glasgow Flying Club and will review and sign all relevant flying orders as they are published.

I understand that in the event of an accident for which I am responsible, I may be required to pay the uninsured loss (excess) of up to £750 for any aircraft damage which is sustained. I also understand that an amount of £25 per annum is included in the advertised membership fee to insure me against this contingency and I will therefore not be required to pay the excess during the period of membership.

I further understand that this application is considered as provisional until having been ratified by the committee at the first committee meeting after this date, but that I will be permitted to fly in the interim.

I accept that with the exception to guests of GFC, I am not permitted to book other members in that have expired club memberships without express permission from a committee member.

I understand that any information given to Glasgow Flying Club may be passed on for security purposes to the appropriate bodies.