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Long Flight Experience

£605.00 Inc VAT


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2 people on board at no extra cost!

An Introductory Flight is the best way to experience what it might be like to fly a light aircraft.

Your flight experience starts with an introduction to the aircraft and a pre-flight briefing covering all safety aspects of the flight.

After we file a flight plan, your Pilot will take you out to the aircraft and make sure you and any back seat passengers are comfortable. After a brief chat with Air Traffic Control, your Pilot will taxi to the runway and perform the take-off ..which is a great opportunity to take some photos and videos of the Glasgow skyline. Once outside the busy Glasgow Control Zone, you will get to experience the thrill of flying a light aircraft for yourself!

You will be provided with a headset so that you can talk with your Pilot and hear the conversations to Air Traffic Control during the flight. You will also be able to hear transmissions from the commercial airliners operating out of Glasgow International Airport.

After getting the chance to try out some basic maneuvers, your pilot will take you back in towards Glasgow International Airport and will land the aircraft.

As well as being a great starting point for those wishing to obtain a pilots license, flight experience vouchers allow anyone to get a small taste of being a pilot for the day and make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other important occasions.

Please note;

Refunds: All flight experience vouchers must be redeemed by the date on the voucher and unfortunately are non-refundable.

There is a height restriction of 6 ft 4 inches and a maximum weight of 114kg applies.

Failure To Attend: Failure to attend a pre-booked lesson or flight experience will result in the voucher becoming void.

Spectators: Spectators/Friends are more than welcome in the clubhouse but cannot participate in the flight unless you have selected an additional passenger when purchasing the voucher. Please note that experience vouchers only allow the recipient to fly the aircraft/ride up front.

We reserve the right to postpone due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. weather conditions (it is Scotland after all!). In this event, the voucher holder will have the opportunity to reschedule the event.